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Book Review: Waiting for Prince Harry

An entertaining little read with an endearing protagonist. This read was for sheer enjoyment. Ellis used a supercute little pop quiz device to begin each chapter that actually proved really integral to the story.


I gave it four stars because the middle was a little soggy. A little too much time spent adulating each other. A little too much telling instead of showing. Kylie, the viewpoint character, told us at least 20 times how sexy Harrison looked. I guess I am in favor of painting the picture and letting the reader draw her own conclusions.


One other thing--though the book avoided (glossed over) any truly intimate scenes, Ellis' characters use the f-word liberally. Now, I am sure that this use is in character with a rough-and-tumble pro hockey player from Boston, but if that bothers you, you will be cringing a lot throughout.


But overall, lots of fun, and well written, too.



Source: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/21846905-waiting-for-prince-harry