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Award-winning writer. Binge watcher. #Opera wonkette. My newest novel, a murder mystery called WHO KILLED 'TOM JONES'? is now available. @Booktrope novels at http://amzn.to/12Ti0NU Lancaster County, Pennsylvania · galemartin.me

Totally Groovy Book Launch for Who Killed 'Tom Jones'?--my new murder mystery!

Who Killed 'Tom Jones'? Book Launch--January 21-26

The Official Online Launch of my new murder mystery WHO KILLED 'TOM JONES'?
(and a chance to win some super groovy prizes through Sunday, January 26).

Are you one of those people who chronically laments, "I never win anything"?

Well, let me tell you. You can win some wonderful kitschy/retro stuff at my website at http://galemartin.me, including: 

  • Tie-dyed apron
  • Best of Tom Jones CD
  • yoga pants
  • puffy shirt
  • "This is Tom Jones" DVD set
  • ebooks
Stop by my website before January 27 to win! Hope to see you there. 

Yours in puffy shirts and skin-tight pants,