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Book Review: Country Music's Jim Owen: An Amazing Life

4.25/5.0 starsJim Owens book cover


To say that country singer/songwriter Jim Owen has lived an amazing life is most assuredly an understatement. All the places he’s lived and traveled to, the people he’s met, the upscale and seedy joints he’s played, the way he’s embraced both success and disaster, the opportunities and challenges that he’s met and conquered will set your head spinning. The combined effect of all those life events might have done in some folks—myself included.


His unauthorized autobiography Country Music's Jim Owen: An Amazing Life is a written testament to a steely constitution and a will to thrive that’s a lot stronger than most people’s. But then, he’s been equipped with many more natural gifts than most of us—musical ability, the talent to compose songs, athletic talent, business acumen, charisma, character, and common sense.


You don’t have to be a country music fan to appreciate the wild ride Jim Owen’s talents have taken him on from his dirt poor childhood in Robards, Kentucky to living the high life in Las Vegas. Anyone will recognize many of the names he’s dropped in this book.


And while some would-be entertainers still fantasize about a life in show business, this book will likely convince others that the plain humdrum life out of the limelight is just fine with them, thank you very much.


Jim Owen comes to storytelling naturally, too. Clearly, he’s comfortable in the limelight, and not timid about dishing about others or chronicling some of his own foibles. For those who know country music well, this book provides savory glimpses into the private lives of dozens of stars.


You might not recognize Jim’s name, but if you know country tunes from a certain era, you’ll surely recognize his work, which has been recorded by the greatest names in and out of Nashville: Loretta Lynn, Mel Tillis, Porter Wagoner, Hank Williams, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Jr.


Whether you’ve heard of Jim Owen or not, whether you know his music or not, this is one man who most assuredly has lived an amazing life. And he’s got the autobiography to prove it.