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Booking it in Vermont

Every time we make the trip to Brattleboro, Vermont to see my daughter, we visit Brattleboro Books, a big, old wonderful used book store where I've perused and ultimately adopted many once- and dearly-loved books. I like to think generally, at a macro level, that books are lovable--please don't dissuade me from that.


And I love buying used books. A good book isn't a once and done experience and should be enjoyed by as many people as possible until the spine cracks and the pages fall out. I also love the selection at Brattleboro Books--they have two floors stuffed with them and comfy couches set around for heavy browsers. I mean, I like to read the first five pages before I buy a book.


I usually pay half the list price for like-new books at Brattleboro Books. Plus, I'm supporting a longstanding small business established in 1989, no less.


However, this time I visited Brattleboro Books, I decided to go with a plan. I would take along a handful of recommendations ripped from my Book-a-Day Calendar,which I blogged about a few years ago to see if I could find any of these books at Brattleboro Books. I had about a dozen slips from calendar to match up. How did I make out?

Well, let's see.


I found a first edition of Anita Shreve's second book Strange Fits of Passion (which I finished this weekend) for $10.50, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski for $8.95, Ann Patchett's newest release State of Wonder for $7.75, and an advanced reader's edition of A Conspiracy of Paperby David Liss for $8.75 (you can even see the Book-a-Day page sticking out from its pages).


Total investment? $39.95. A handful of good reads and the whole process was loads more satisfying than impulse buying.