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The Button Legacy - Ginger Marcinkowski Ginger Marcinkowski’s novella THE BUTTON LEGACY is a moving collection of glimpses into the life and times of generations of one blue-collar family struggling to make ends meet in the Canadian Maritimes. In this book, we are introduced to a Polk Family tin box that’s filled with buttons, not just because saving buttons was a practical thing to do when times were hard but because each button had a family story or a secret connected to it capable of entertaining or illuminating life lessons for the next generation. Like her debut novel RUN RIVER CURRENTS, Marcinkowski’s rich description transports you to another world, one of wooden farmhouses filled with the rich smells of home cooking, cornfields glittering with magic growing dust, and winter escapades such as sledding across New Brunswick’s treacherous Tobique River. THE BUTTON LEGACY is filled with spiritual lessons for those with hearts willing and ears to hear stories testifying to God’s steadfast love and forgiveness. Those who enjoyed RUN RIVER CURRENTS will adore this new work from one of America’s most talented Christian storytellers.