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They Hover over Us

They Hover Over Us - Richard Fellinger Richard Fellinger’s short story collection THEY HOVER OVER US is filled with real people—Western Pennsylvania folks, mostly--who are earnest and flawed, who bear the scars of the hard decline of steel industry and at the same time, the heavy burden of having once lived in boomtowns.

His unflinchingly honest prose reveals a cavalcade of characters from cheating husbands pretending to be dead, coupling cousins, pathetic fakers who struggle to be regarded as useful and competent, and misanthropic lawyers who secretly sneer at women trying to hide the dark hair on their upper lips.

His facility as a storyteller allows you to enter into a range of characters’ heads via tales that are alternately wryly humorous, ponderous, and sometimes outright hilarious while his commentary on the socioeconomic ravages to the region hovers over the reader like the still smokestacks of so many depressed mill towns. And when you reach the last page, you’ll feel something close to devastation to have finished the last story in this exquisitely crafted collection