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Then We Came to the End - Joshua Ferris I'm giving this one a low four stars. The writer is too clever by half. You like him, you love him, he pushes it too far with his characters and the scenarios, and you love to hate him. Tom's colorful incident in the second half of the book is a perfect example.

I did admire how easily he fell into his narrative we. However, I was desparately grateful for the break from it when we got to Lynn's segment.

But really, what was with that whole part of the book? Was it just so critics would take his book seriously since funny books don't garner critical acclaim? It was so jarring. Needed, I'll grant you but odd-fitting.

I'm not certain I have undiagnosed adult ADHD. But I sure felt like it reading this book. And I know, I know, none of us really gets very close to the people we work with--it's just a surface knowledge. That's a tough trope to appreciate three-quarters of the way through.