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The Whipping Club - Deborah Henry Finally finished The Whipping Club by Deborah Henry. Unlike some other books I've read recently with promising starts, The Whipping Club actually finishes extraordinarily well.

So why the four stars? I'm a writer so it's hard for me to enjoy a book in the way I used to before I studied the craft. The author does what is called "head hopping" too frequently for my taste and throughout the book.

That might not bother someone who's never written a book but I found myself asking, "How'd we get in his head all of a sudden?" You'd be there for a sentence or two and then out in in someone else's viewpoint. So either Henry didn't know the expectation or didn't care to follow it.

The pace lagged in the middle. But the subject matter is definitely worthwhile--as long as you can stomach child abuse, which some people can't

Worth your time and effort to read. Might have been more moved had I not seen the movie "The Magdalene Sisters." Surely, this will make anyone wonder what the %$#@ is going on the Catholic Church that such treatment of children is condoned and permitted.