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Run, River Currents - Ginger Marcinkowski There are important stories that must be told about children who are scarred, whose physical injuries and emotional damage are inflicted at the hands of those society has entrusted with their care. Run, River Currents is one of those gut-wrenching stories. Ginger Marcinkowski has crafted a soul-searing novel about one woman’s lifelong journey for self-acceptance and peace that ranges across Maritime Canada, yet her central character Emily Douay is unable to find a safe haven anywhere, long into adulthood. It’s hard to know who is the greater villain—Emily’s abusive father or self-absorbed, opportunistic mother. Bereft of kindness and wisdom from her own parents, Emily can only cling to her grandfather’s kindly words: “You’re not alone. God will never leave you.” This is a tale of wrongdoing and the victimization of innocents, of forgiveness and redemption, that you won’t be able to put down until the last line of the last page. Surely, if one as wronged as Emily can move on in life with the help of God, there’s hope for us all.