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A State of Jane - Meredith Schorr Meredith Schorr's entertaining, hand-wringing, nail-biting, rollicking new novel was a terrific story that most young single women can relate to but could not be so forthright telling. That's part of what made A STATE OF JANE engrossing--Jane Frank bares all. It's as if the reader is perched right over her shoulder, going on every date or more accurately at times hookup. Jane's life becomes particularly compelling once she secedes from her only serious relationship to brave being single for the first time since becoming an adult. And you're rooting for her secession--stripped from family expectations (pun intended), even from cubicle norms, because though Jane may not realize it, she's on a journey to find herself, a journey that's sometimes painful, sometimes sleezy, but ultimate revelatory. Any of us who has ever been stood up or put down or blown off can relate to this read. And if you can't relate, you can certainly empathize with flawed and funny Jane. Brava, Meredith Schorr, for making Jane such an authentic character. And for opening the door for a sequel. From which state will Jane secede next? Personally, I'm dying to find out.