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Next Year I'll Be Perfect - Laura Kilmartin Nevermind becoming perfect. Laura Kilmartin’s "Next Year I’ll Be Perfect" is perfect in every way, from stem to stern. It’s the story of one talented young professional woman with a sympathetic past who embarks on a journey of self-exploration and self-actualization between her 29th and 30th birthdays after she finds a years' old bucket list. Kilmartin’s own hometown of Portland, Maine makes a scenic and refreshingly different backdrop for this coming of thirty-something tale. Her viewpoint character Sarah Bennett, who’s a little bit blue collar and a little bit white collar, is surrounded by a colorful cast of characters—adopted “siblings,” philandering ex’es, starchy bosses, and true blue friends. Even the small-town diner Sarah co-owns with her late father’s best friend becomes a principal character by the end of the book, a place you wish you had in your hometown. Kilmartin is a masterful writer as well as storyteller. Her novel takes some unexpected turns—just when you think Kilmartin is going to zig, she zags, and she does all this with literary ease and grace, as if she was born to write fiction. I just hope there’s going to be a sequel (are you listening, Ms. Kilmartin?) or maybe a picturesque TV series featuring Portland’s favorite lady lawyer Sarah Bennett.