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Strange Fits of Passion - Anita Shreve I wish I had read this before I began writing creatively because it is so instructive, and I was really intrigued by her craft--the method she used to unravel this tale. Pacing and revelation in this work are everything a reader expects from this author.

While I love her penchant of teasing out only what readers need to know to stay engrossed in the story, her main characters are always somewhat thin. I couldn't relate to her protagonists though I did feel for the battered woman. I just didn't get her.

And of course Shreve's books are unrelentingly sad. Would it kill the author to throw in an affirming ending once in a while? (Yes, I think it would. Just not her style.)

Yet, she draws attention to an important social ill without being preachy.

I inhaled this book rather than read it. Definitely a good read, even if I saw where it was headed, even if she was a little stingy in the character development.